Dog Licensing

Our Animal Control is limited to DOGS.


If a dog strays to your property, and has a current Barron County tag, you can call Animal Control Officer at 715-418-4145 . The number on the tag will identify the owner.


The county can assist with the ongoing problems of unwanted and stray dogs in the area.  Anyone can surrender a pet by calling 715-537-9063 or have a stray picked up by calling the sheriff at 715-537-3106.  For more information or questions regarding dogs you can call Animal Control Officer at 715-418-4145. All residents must still comply with the licensing of dogs.


In order to issue you a license, we must have a COPY OF THE RABIES VACCINATION DATES AND TAG NUMBER (NOT A COPY OF THE BILL!) to keep on file, along with the fee $6.00 neutered, or $12.00 intact, per dog.  Multi-dog licenses are also available for $50.00. Dog license applications are due by March 31st. A $5 per dog penalty will go into effect if paid after March 31st. The WI State Statues 174.052, 95.21(2), 174.05, are on our web site.  The dog tag is to be displayed on your dog's collar.


If you have lost your dog, you can contact the Animal Control Officer at 715-418-4145, or check to see if someone has brought it to the Barron County Humane Society. You might also contact your Vet.

Barron County Humane Society
1571 Guy Ave., Barron, WI 54812
Phone: 715-537-9063