Ordinances and Resolutions

The Adoption of Ordinances
Administrative Appeals
Board of Appeals Ordinance
Proposed Ordinance to Enact a Code of Ordinances
Dog Control Ordinance
Building Ordinance
Land Division Ordinance
An Ordinance Regarding the Construction of New Roads
Ordinance Regarding Limitations on the use of Camper Vehicles and Other Non-permanent Structures for Permanent Human Habitation
Town of Sioux Creek Land Division Handbook
An Ordinance Regarding the Operation of Non-Metallic Mines
Telecommunication Towers, Antennas & Related Facilities Ordinance
Town of Sioux Creek Comprehensive Plan
Junk Ordinance
Driveway Ordinance
Ordinance Pertaining to Restrictions
Citation Ordinance
Town of Sioux Creek Plan Commission
Campground Ordinance

ATV & UTV Ordinance

ATV Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance 2014-1 (Regarding Combining Position of Clerk & Treasurer)
Ordinance 2014-2 (To Create a Five Member Town Board)
Option B Total Opt Out of IOH Length and Weight Limits

Public Participation Procedures for the Update of the Town of Sioux Creek Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance to Adopt the Updated and Amended Town of Sioux Creek 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 2016-1 (To authorize Wisconsin Gas LLC, doing business as We Energies, to construct, maintain, and operate a gas distribution system)

Continuing Resolution 2021-1 To Establish Seasonal Weight Limits on Town Roads

Speed Limit Ordinance 2021

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